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My Name is Michael Bertuleit. I'm a product designer from Berlin. I design and develop interactive applications and objects, digital and tangible interfaces.


Form & Growth Coding Research | Applications | Models

Kinetic Change

Design Research at btk Berlin | Interactive databased Light Sculpture


3D Web application for customizing sunglasses | Individual frame engraving | .stl File Creation

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lectures and workshops

lectures and workshops at UdK Berlin | Deisgn Basics | Tools | CAD | CAM | CNC-Milling | Coding

Web Design

Responsive Websites | Wordpress | Custom HTML Sites | PHP | Javascript | CSS | JQuery | Bootstrap


I'm a product designer with a strong affinity to coding. My design approach comes from a technical perspective and includes ways of realizing a concept in iterative design processes. This should not mean that I don't care about aesthetics. I love to have and to provide an aestethic view on things and I always try to make it usable and fun! I love geometry and computer graphics and I love to spend time in the workshop. Many projects I've done so far combined software and hardware elements, production processes and software developement.

I'm working as a freelancer. Contact me for more information or if you think we could work together. You will recieve a response soon!